All 6 clean resumes designed for easy readability by automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) and human eyes. Focusing on the experience, skills, and credentials engineers, project managers, and leaders need to present.

Includes the 6 matching cover letters designed by hiring managers to showcase your personalized interest and qualifications for a position.

What You'll Get:

  • All 6 Resume Template Files (.docx) expertly designed by a hiring manager (Engineer Essentials, Engineer Contemporary, PM Essentials, PM Contemporary, Leadership Essentials, Leadership Contemporary)
  • All 6 Matching Cover Letter Template Files (.docx) to hook the reader and distinguish the candidate’s unique motivations
  • Redesigned for 2024 to ensure compatibility with automated screening technologies while also appealing to human reviewers
  • Easy to Edit and intuitive fields to customize to your background and experiences to any job posting
  • Instructions Documents with guidance on how to fill out the templates with best practices
  • Sample Resumes completed using these templates